Is running for Mayes County Court Clerk.


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Primary Election Tuesday, June 18th.

Meredith Fraily for Mayes County Court Clerk

8435 S. 437 Rd. Locust Grove, OK 74352

Accomplishment Highlights

1. Experience in developing smart solutions to solve transparency and accountability weaknesses

2. First woman to serve as Speaker of Tribal Council

3. First woman to be elected as Mayes County Commissioner

4. Served as Chairperson of Cherokee Nation Rules Committee

5. Served on Mayes County Health Dept Board

6. Served on Governor’s Tourism Commission

7. Served on YMCA National Task Force for Upward Mobility of Women

8. Served on Thunderbird Youth Academy Board

9. Serves on National Transportation Committee

10. Serves on National Association of County Commissioners

11. Serves on Governor’s Workforce Development Board

12. Serves on NE Oklahoma FEMA Board

Larry Lees

Qualified, Experienced, Proven


As your County Court Clerk, Meredith Frailey will be a strong voice in cooperatively working with our judicial branch and the public to effectively address challenges and dealing in
important issues of everyday people’s lives. Meredith currently serves as city attorney for Locust Grove and served as the first elected woman County Commissioner for Mayes Co. She served as Speaker of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council and chaired the legislative Rules Committee, and has experience in long range, strategic planning. A resident of Locust Grove, OK, Meredith is the daughter of the late Susie Swimmer and has one son who lives near her farm. She graduated from Locust Grove High School, is a licensed airplane pilot and holds a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern State University and a Juris Doctor from University of Tulsa Law School.

Meredith knows that our Government can be a greater servant of the people…and knows how to get the job done.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words:

We live in challenging times. Meredith knows we must make the most crucial decisions of this century in the next four years and be able to answer the question of how to: help establish legislation ensuring accountable, transparent government. As an attorney, she knows how to work on the front lines with citizens on things like being sued, going through a divorce, being charged with a crime. These interactions touch people’s cases and have an influence on their lives.

For more than 20 years, Meredith has been in public service: as associate director of YMCA, Speaker of the Tribal Council, and County Commissioner. During the time she served in the Tribal Council, she was vital to the growth of the CN assets from $334 million to $1.2 billion procured $11 million for roads in Mayes County, sponsored and helped create the Jobs Growth Act resulting in more than 6000 new jobs, increased health care services from $48 million to $225 million, sponsored acquiring the MidAmerican Industrial building to attract jobs to Mayes County. Her experience as a Tribal Council Rep, Interim Deputy Chief & County Commissioner, farmer, caretaker and parent, lends a deep understanding of the challenges of county government and its impact on all Mayes County citizens.

Meredith Frailey

Qualified - Experienced - Proven - Meredith’s business experience spans manufacturing, energy, banking, business services, education, municipal legal services, and non-profit industries. Meredith has held positions as a Interim Chief Executive Officer, Associate Land Manager, marketing director, International services, high school athletic coach, and has served on many local, state and federal boards and task forces. She has served as Vestry Chairperson and ecclesiastical judge for the Episcopal Church. Meredith has won many awards but feels most honored to have received the Oklahoma Air National Guard Will Rogers Legislator of the Year for her service on the Thunderbird Youth Academy board for at-risk youth. She served on the Transportation Committee of the National Association of County Commissioners, as a board member of FEMA and serves on the Governor’s Workforce Development Board of NE Oklahoma. As an advocate for protection of the sacredness of our water and land, she serves as a board member of the Spring Creek Coalition. Meredith knows how to get the job done.

Meredith understands the importance of transparency in local politics.
That is why your vote counts NOW more than ever.

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